P. 15

detachment from things of this world in the midst of life at the
            court. I admired her steadfastness in serving God, in spite of
            the gossip of the courtiers, but above all I was struck by her
            exceptional patience in bearing so many humiliations and so
            much suffering.
            This  made  me  understand  that  the  souls  most  privileged  by
            the Lord are, in fact, those who suffer the most for his sake; as
            a reward for their steadfastness they receive even in this world
            exceptional graces, especially in their prayer-life.
            I need not mention her eminent charity, for this is the essential
            characteristic of saints. I felt myself reproved for doing so little
            for the good of my neighbour; I desire to do much more.

                  First General Examination of conscience. I examined my
            will, and I found out that I am very much attached to it: I rarely
            give in to the opinion of others; now I know that even in good
            things, denying our own will and doing that of others, is very

            pleasing to God.
            I realize that many times I think I am right and so I find it hard
            to  give  in  to  the  opinion  of  others,  but  it  is  just  then  that  I
            should humble myself and do or accept what others want or
            say. I have therefore resolved never again to contradict others
            and admit that I may be wrong and the others right.

                  In my visit to the Blessed Sacrament, in the afternoon, I
            met with something that confirmed the truth of this, and I heard
            the most sweet voice of my Spouse calling me to a holy life,
            which is, of course, a crucified life, wholly set against my self-

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