P. 16

had  used  all  the  means  to  make  me  totally  his  from  early
               childhood. But, ungrateful of me, I preferred to forsake him! ...
               What  good  did  it  do  me?  ...  I  lost  his  grace,  his  friendship,
               peace, the most splendid stage in life for dedicating myself to
               God,  Heaven,  and  all  spiritual  treasures,  with  nothing  left
               except  sin  and  hell.  Yet  how  great  is  the  mercy  of my  good
               God! ... Just like the father of this boy: as soon as he saw him
               from afar he ran to meet him, threw his arms around him and
               kissed him; he received him anew, and prepared a sumptuous
               banquet to which he invited all his neighbours to celebrate with
               a feast the return of his lost son.
                     So  too  with  my  poor  soul,  after  I  had  wronged  him,
               dishonoured and offended him so much, all the same as soon
               as he saw in me a desire to return to Him, or rather, because
               He himself sought every means by which I could make peace
               with him, He welcomed me, caressed me tenderly... Exultantly,
               as  if  he  had  won  a  great  victory,  he  invited  the  Angels  to

               rejoice with him. What can I say in return for such mercy? ... I
               am  at  a  loss  ...  I  humble  myself  and  express  that  I  am
               extremely  sorry  because  I  have  so  many  times  displeased
               God who is infinitely good to me.

                     Resolutions:  To  have  absolute  trust  in  this  tenderly-
               loving Father, to go to Him in every need, and to see to it that I
               never again displease him.

                     I  did  this  Meditation  walking  about,  for  ¾  of an hour.  I
               had few distractions. I was deeply impressed by God’s infinite
               love and mercy towards my poor soul; for a good while I shed

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