P. 13

2. Holy prayer will be my ceaseless nourishment. In it I
            will seek nothing except the will of God; but on my part I will
            remove every obstacle to any grace that God wishes to grant
            me. I will especially arm myself against my pride and self-love:
            I will strive to weaken them, nor will I miss any opportunity to
            do so, not even once.

                  3.  My  dear  Spouse,  I  consecrate  myself  to  the  Cross.
            From this moment I accept whatever you want to give me: or
            rather, I beg you to give me a noble and generous heart and
            then make me suffer as much as you want, for I am asking you
            for it, I crave for it, though I know I am not worthy.

                  4. I will do whatever I can for  the youth. I promise you
            that  I  will  shake  off  my  laziness;  I  will  not  spare  myself  any
            trouble. Help me, I beg of you.

                  Lord, I want to have done with the world and with myself;
            I am no longer the owner of anything except the will to love
            you.  But  I  pray  you,  do  not  leave  me  to  my  own  resources,
            otherwise I will betray you. My dear  Mummy, remember me.
            Beloved St Aloysius, pray for me.

                                       - 218 -
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