P. 11

want to make sure that all my actions are holy; No more do I
            want to miss so many opportunities to do good. Yes, I want to
            become  a  saint,  whatever  it  may  cost  me.  But,  for  charity’s
            sake,  my  Jesus,  help  me  in  my  weakness,  redouble  your
            graces, knowing that Bortolamea is entirely in your hands, so
            please look after her: I do not deserve it, Lord, but all the merit
            is yours. Give me just a gleam of your holy love, and I will do
            everything, I am sure of it.

                  Most Holy Mary, I place myself in your care. You are a
            Mother  to  me,  a  tenderly-loving  Mummy.  Help  this  poor
            daughter of yours, who has trust in you.
                  Dear St Aloysius, make me a gift of all your virtues. Yes,
            what you have done I too want to do. I commit myself to your
            charity.  Remember  that  in  all  ways  and  means  I  want  to  be
            pleasing  to  the  beautiful  Heart  of  my  Jesus.  Be  you  my
            Advocate, I beg of you: I will always be grateful to you for it.

                  Jesus and Mary, impart on me your holy Blessing.

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