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The  return  to  the  “spiritual  sources”  of  religious  Institutes
            recommended by “Perfectae Caritatis” (No. 2), gave rise to a new
            edition of Volumes I-VI for two reasons:

               1.  because  the  copies  of  the  first  edition  (“Spiritual  Writings”
            1904. “Life of B. Capitanio” 1905. “Life of M. V. Gerosa” 1910) were since

            long out of stock, and so, many communities were left without;

               2.  because Fr Mazza, one of the most accurate scholars on
            the  Foundresses  and  on  the  first  sixty  years  of  the  Institute,
            remains,  in  particular  concerning  the  figure,  spirituality  and
            apostolic  activity  of  Bartolomea,  the  most  reliable  and  rich
            source, especially because he deliberately made it a point to let

            documentary  evidence  speak  for  itself  («Bartolomea’s  Spiritual
            Writings»,  Processes  for  the  Beatification  and  friends’
            manuscripts still available at the Archives of the Generalate) by
            quoting abundantly from such sources.

                  I  have  to  point  out  that  the  contents  of  the  “Spiritual
            Writings”  vol.  I  and  vol.  III  of  the  Foundress  and  precisely  the
            volume of the “Letters” and that of “Notes and practices of life-of-
            perfection”, prove to be quite certain that they are authentic. The
            original scripts are still preserved of the whole of the former and
            of a large part of the latter.

                  Serious  doubts  are,  instead,  cast  on  the  authenticity  of
            “Spiritual Writings” vol. II. It would take some serious research-
            work (a good topic of a thesis for higher studies) to check how
            much  of  it  was  original  and  how  much  had  been  taken  from  a
            large supply of manuals of piety and devotion very much in use in
            the nineteenth century.

            NOTE  prepared  in  1968  for  the  anastatic  reprinting  of  the  six  volumes  of
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