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Fr Luigi Mazza’s six volumes comprise:

               I.  Life of Venerable Bartolomea Capitanio
               II.  (Early) history of the Institute

              III.  Letters (Scr I)
              IV.  Notes and practices of life-of-perfection (Scr II)

               V.  Devotional practices (Scr III)
              VI.  Life of Venerable Sr. M. Vincenza Gerosa

                  Father Luigi Mazza sj wrote the life of the Foundress and
            early  history  of  the  Institute  (Volumes  I,  II)  and  compiled

            Capitanio’s “Spiritual Writings” in three Volumes (III, IV, V); he then
            wrote  a  sixth  volume  on  the  life  of  the  Co-foundress  Sister
            Vincenza Gerosa.
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