P. 9

Letter 258

                               TO VOLUNNIA BANZOLINI
                  She encloses devotional practices for the Novena of the Purification.

                     Dearly beloved Sister,

                     Here  is  the  Novena  you  wanted.  I  cannot  keep  my
               promise right now, but I will write as soon as I can. For charity’s
               sake, commend me to God. I take leave of you in the Heart of
               Jesus: there you will fall head over heels with love. I am.

                                    The Unworthy Handmaid of Jesus and of Mary
                                                     B. C.
               To esteemed Lady
                  To be delivered in her hands   CORTI.

                             NOVENA OF THE PURIFICATION
                             OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY

                 1.  Say 9 times daily: «Lord, make me know your will and
                     help me carry it out».

                                          - 585 -
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