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surpasses all suffering. In the midst of your distress remember
            very  often  to  say  to  Jesus:  «Fiat  voluntas  tua ».  That  is  the
            finest protest you could make to him, and the greatest sacrifice
            you could offer him. Have a boundless trust in Him. He will be
            a most loving Father to you. He will help you in every need: He
            will keep you steadfast in all your distress and hold you ever
            so  dear  as  his own  child.  My  dearest,  wipe  away  every  tear
            from your eyes. Jesus is letting you suffer because he loves
            you. Jesus  is sending you pain because he has a reward in
            store for you. Place your trust also in Mary most Blessed. She
            is your beloved Mamma and she loves you in a very special
            way. Under her protection you will be safe. If I can be of any
            help to you, I should be extremely happy. In that case, don’t
            hesitate to ask me. Commend me to the Lord, I beg of you.
            May Jesus be your comfort and Mary your hope. Wishing you
            all the best. I am

                                             Your loving Friend
                                         BORTOLAMEA CAPITANIO

            To Dear Young woman
            MARTA ANDREOLI
                        PIAZZE D’ARTOGNE.

            1    “Your will be done”.

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