P. 7

                              written between 1824 and 1833


                                      Letter 257

                                 TO MARTA ANDREOLI
                                  Condolence to a young girl.

                                 HAIL TO JESUS AND MARY

                     Dearest Sister and Friend,
                                                           Lovere, 9 April.
                     News reached me of the misfortunes that have befallen
               your family. I am at a loss for words to express my grief and
               sorrow at this news. In all simplicity I do assure you that your
               situation moves me to compassion. I can well understand the
               grief that fills your heart at such misfortunes. Dearest Marta,
               the loss you have had, the illness your dear ones at home are

               still suffering from, are, humanly speaking, too immense and
               hard to bear, and human nature cannot help feeling the whole
               burden  of  it  all.  And  yet,  my  dear,  in  the  midst  of  all  these
               afflictions,  lift  your  eyes  to  the  Crucified  Lord,  look  up  to
               Heaven and remember that in making you like him in suffering,
               Jesus  is  offering  you  the  greatest  grace.  Remember  that
               Heaven  is  yours,  and  there  you  will  have  a  reward  that

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