P. 17

Letter 262

                                     TO THE SAME
                           She invites him to the Sodality of St Aloysius.

                          HAIL TO JESUS AND HIS MOST HOLY WILL

                     Very Reverend Father Confessor,

                     The  heavenly  Infant  (Mary)  sends  you  to  work  for  her
               sake. I gave Fr Taeri his assignment yesterday.
                     If you can spare a few minutes after lunch, St Aloysius
               would ask you to use them for the benefit of his devotees. We
               shall be waiting for you in the Sacristy of our Sodality.
                     For charity’s sake I commend myself to your Prayer; at
               this moment I am extremely weak; unless God helps me I will
               commit  some blunder again.
                     Humbly imploring your Blessing I am

                                           Yours faithful Servant and Daughter
                                        Unworthy Handmaid of Jesus and Mary

               To Very Reverend Father
               DON ANGELO BOSIO
                  To be delivered in his hands

                                          - 593 -
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