P. 16

Letter 261

                                  TO THE SAME
                             She begs effective humiliations.

                  Very Reverend Father Confessor,

                  For your information I am telling you that if you want to
            humble me, what does humble me most is mentioning any of
            the defects of pride noted down in the papers enclosed. May I
            add  that  when  at  times,  when  you  were  hearing  my
            Confession,  you  referred  to  some  particular  defect,  I  felt  so
            ashamed that I never again fell into it.
                  Commend  me  to  God,  I  earnestly  implore  you.  With
            profound reverence I profess to be.

                                   Your humble and devoted Daughter in J. Christ
                                             BORTOLAMEA C.

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