P. 15

I  am  very  eager  to  visit  Our  Lady  of  Graces,  my  own
               dear Mamma. I trust She will have compassion on my poverty.

                     P.S.  I  had  better  tell  you  one  more  thing.  In  case  Don
               Fortini insists on taking me one day to his town, renewing the
               proposal  already  made  to  me  several  times,  I  am  also
               informing you, as I should like to have your permission. To tell
               you the truth, I would not be reluctant to go as it would give me
               an opportunity to move about.
                     With  profound  respect  and  sincere  regards,  I  humbly
               profess to be.

                                        Yours faithful Servant and Daughter in J. C.
                                         The Handmaid of Jesus and of Mary

               To Very Reverend Father
               DON ANGELO BOSIO
                  To be delivered in his hands

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