P. 14

Letter 260

                             TO DON ANGELO BOSIO
                          She humbly asks various permissions.

                              HAIL TO JESUS AND MARY

                  Very Reverend Father Superior,

                  I wanted to hand over two papers to you today, but as
            Rev. Father Verzi was there, I dared not. I am sending them to
            you  now.  I  had  also  supposed  I  would  manage  to  ask  your
            permission  to  buy  some  booklets  and  holy  pictures  without
            telling my Parents, and also to ask if you approved of my going
            on  a  visit  to  Our  Lady  of  Rezzato,  because  I  heard  that  my
            Parents wish to take me there. As I did not ask you, I am at
            least  letting  you  know  of  it,  presuming  that  you  would  have
            been willing to comply.
                  For  charity’s  sake  I  beg  you  to  commend  me  in  a
            particular way to the Lord, that I may not offend Him nor lose
            inner quiet and silence. I ask to have your holy Blessing and
            the merit of obedience down to every step that I will take.

                                       - 590 -
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