P. 13

Please do not take it ill. I wish you could look into my heart and
               see with what intention I have spoken to you.
               Rest  assured  that  I  have  a  deep  esteem for  you,  as  you  so
               well deserve. Every time I had the opportunity to mention you,
               God  knows  that  I  have  rightly  praised  your  virtue  and  your
               prudence.  If  I  now  speak  to  you  in  this  way,  I  don’t  do  it
               because I hold you in less esteem,  but because I know that
               God is calling you to a very special way of life, and I wish what
               is best for you.
                     In return for this friendly liberty that I have taken, I want
               two kind favours from you. One of them is that you earnestly
               recommend me to God. I wish I could show you what I am in
               need  of  to  secure  your  interest  in  my  benefit;  just  do  it  for
               charity’s  sake.  The  other  is  this:  after  reading  this  letter  you
               may throw it into the fire and don’t speak of it with anyone. I
               trust you will do both favours.
                     Dearly beloved, I shall be waiting for you at the feet of

               the Crucified Love. May this God who dies for our sake fill us
               with a passionate love for him and make us wholly his for ever.
               I am

                                         Your grateful, loving Sister and Friend
                                        The Handmaid of Jesus and of Mary

                                          - 589 -
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