P. 12

your  virtues  may  be  felt  everywhere  and  that  you  may  be
            edifying to all.
            Dearly beloved, Jesus wants to have your heart, your love. He
            is jealous of your purity. He is ardently seeking you and wishes
            you to be his in a most special way.
            Heaven  is  beautiful,  too,  and  it  is  worth  every  effort  we  can
            make  to  obtain  it.  But  our  dear  Jesus  himself  is  much  more
            beautiful  and  it  is  for  his  sake  alone  that  we  should  do  all
            We are most blessed if we could love God from our heart: that
            would  be  an  anticipated  Heaven.  What  else  can  we  desire
            more than that? ... At the point of death how happy we shall be
            if  we  can  say:  I  shall  soon  possess  what  I  have  always
            yearned for, and loved with all my heart!
            Allow me to add one thing: for a long time I have not been able
            to see you nor speak to you without sensing the divine grace
            at  work  within  you  and  wanting  to  tell  you  that  he  expects

            something great from you: I seem to see this even drawn on
            your countenance. In my cold and poor prayers I cannot forget
            you: I keep telling the Lord to let himself be heard clearly and
            be obeyed by you.
            I ardently desire to see  you  soon as a great  Saint; I wish to
            see you madly in love with Jesus, I wish to see you raised to
            the sublime heights of holiness.
                  Forgive me, my dear, if I speak to you with such liberty;
            the sincere love I have for you, your goodness of heart I am
            too well aware of, have made me so bold.

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