Calicut Province

On 5th November, Deepavali, feast of lights, «Shanthi Nilayam», Peruvayal, was flooded by the youth of the two neighbouring parishes. The preparation to this event kept us busy for a month in order to understand the spirit conveyed by the synod of youth, just concluded.

The day saw the presence of 25 vibrant youngsters whom we warmly welcomed. At 9.30 a.m., the group was led to the chapel where they spent few moments in Eucharistic adoration, savouring the friendship of the Lord. The day was packed with different activities: input sessions, debates, testimonies… All of them enthusiastically participated in each item, and with a cry for ‘more and more’. One of the interesting items was the debate on «Youth and the current issues in the Church: its effect in the faith of the young generation». The entire atmosphere was warmed up by the heated arguments between the two groups. We were surprised by the loyalty that these youngsters manifested towards the Church, the evident way in which they remained faithful to the faith transmitted to them, and their commitment to live in spite of the challenges of today’s society. They thoroughly enjoyed the lighter moments like the ‘agape’ shared along with the sisters, the games such as ‘treasure hunt’, and the spontaneous exchange of ideas.

The day was concluded with the Eucharistic Celebration. At the end they were given a Rosary and the message of the Holy Father, as a reminder of their belongingness to the heart of the Church, who loves them and cares for them, and to the Blessed Virgin, whose maternal protection accompanies them always.