During our regular visits to the families in our vicinity, we have made a shocking discovery: the presence of a large number of widows. Even more shocking is the discrimination and insults they undergo in society, just because they are widows. They are considered to be a bad omen if seen early in the morning; they are undesired during celebrations and various functions; they are denied even their civil rights, such as widow’s pension and other amenities. On further enquiry we learnt that most of these women were left widows because of the dishonesty of rich men
of high social standing. We were disturbed by such inhuman attitudes and by the prejudices against them and we were provoked to do something positive to restore their dignity and social status of these unfortunate women.
As a first step we invited them for a meeting in our convent premises «Villa Capitanio»; about fifty of them participated in it. They expressly told us that so far no one dared to listen to their woes, to their sad stories and less still to help them. Discussing the matter with the parish priest, the provincial superior and few other good hearted people we are now up with a ‘widows movement’ with various initiatives for their welfare and upliftment. Attention to the women in distress, recommended by our Institute family and the Church has become an important aspect of the pastoral activity of our community.