Most loveable Jesus,
I come to you to express my heartfelt thanks
for what you have done to my soul during these days.
Your goodness is truly overwhelming.
Dear Jesus, I place myself entirely in your holy hands.
Do just as you like best…
From now on I will no more be concerned about myself
but leave all the care of myself entirely to you.
Lord, give me a deep passion for charity,
because to charity I consecrate my whole self.
Once more I pledge myself to do what I promised you.
Indeed, I wish to do even more…
You wish that I dedicate myself to the poor,
to the sick…for their sake I promise
I will spare myself no pains,
time or trouble…
I will do my best to learn at your feet
the true way of living the charity and you will help me!
                                                                                                           (from the Writings of Bartolomea Capitanio, vol III, Sp. Ex 1829)