Province of Mangalore

How wonderful it is to be with interesting, enthusiastic and joyful youth. In the parish of «Guardian Angel», on 13 December, the youth and the cultural committee, under the guidance of the pastoral council, have organized throw ball matches for girls and football matches for boys to con-
sent the youth to get together; also the young sisters were invited to take part in this tournament. Wow! was our exclamation. Hence, we have caught the invitation as a wonderful occasion to be with the youth, to show them our youthful fervour and to be witnesses of joy. We had the joy of being the runners up and one of the sisters was the best server awardee. The parishioners appreciated our presence and they were pleased to see us for the first time participating in this sport event. The youth felt the need for our presence and we have understood that in this present
situation people want us to be with them and to feel that we get involved in their activities. Thus, supported by our provincial superior and by the sisters of our community, we feel urged to update our way of being in the social context where we live, to become creative and embody the charism in today’s life.