The poor sick, the delight of my heart

“My good Jesus, I know that love of you should never be separated from true love of our neighbour.

Therefore I, Bortolamea of Jesus, in my desire to please you in all things and to heed the inner urgings that come from you,

here in the presence of the Most Holy Trinity, of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of my Guardian Angel, of St. Aloysius, of my Patron Saints and of the whole Celestial Court,

vow under pain of venial sin to treat my neighbour with the greatest charity, both spiritual and corporal, in whatever I shall engage myself. 

And so, from now on,

all that God has given me I will no longer consider as my own, but all of it granted me to be used for the benefit of my neighbour.

Life, health and talent, thoughts, words and actions, things I possess and whatever I may have in future,

I will use for the benefit and relief of my dear brethren….

The poor sick and the bed-ridden will truly be the delight of my heart.

I will visit every one of them as often as I can.

 I will do all I can by word and deed, doing them the meanest and most repulsive services,

helping them as much as I can and tirelessly assisting them,

and also, as far as circumstances and obedience will allow, when they are on the point of death.”

– From the Vow of charity of St. Bartolomea Capitanio, Scr III, p.696-697


  “Knowing that she is protected by God in the palm of his hand,

every sister opens her heart to a deep, universal communion with all men;

she makes herself a mother and sister to them, shares in the solitude of those who are denied love and comforts them,

and she takes care of all those who suffer.

Thus she anticipates the fulfilment of the plan of salvation, which makes of all men the one family of God.

– From the RULE OF LIFE, Cs 13


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