This year we had the joy to offer to our religious province of Brazil a «Working plan for youth ministry».

It was done in view of the Synod of bishops on: Youth, faith and vocational discernment.

We felt solicited to provide all the means to get close to the youth, to listen to them, to orientate them

and to accompany them. The work involved also the communities who already carry out their apostolate for the young people.

With this ‘Plan’ we wish to give our contribution to evangelization of youth and, in it and with it,

to expand the charism of charity.

Actually, we chose the title: Young people in the charism of charity.

We went to look for the youth in the schools and in the communities.

Our great desire is that the culture of charity may be consolidated and

ever more configured to that of Jesus the Redeemer.

In order to transform society, we have enthused the reflection on how we live and

how do the youth live charity in everyday life, at a personal level and in the relationship with others.

For this reason we have presented the young Meulì: a young girl as many others, full of dreams and very resourceful who,

with her courage, her enthusiasm and the joy of giving herself for the good of the others,

rendered her life a real expression of the charity of Christ.

It was a wonderful experience for us and for the youth,

who were glad to broaden their way of conceiving charity and overcome the idea of assistance.

They realized that charity becomes true in daily life,

when one comes out from his inner self to meet the other with small deeds of love and solidarity,

it is carried out in the continual research of good, it builds up the person who lives it

and it transforms itself into COMMON GOOD.

All this was lived through dynamics and concrete experiences, such as: Luau (singing charity

with popular music), acantonamento (night activities with the youth) and conversation circles:

everything for the glory of God and the good of the youth.