Through the free helpline, assigned to us by the state government, Mr Raman reached us stating that his wife had a fall and was rushed to hospital but while she was waiting to do Covid-19 test before the admission, she passed away, leaving behind two children.

The helpline rang again, an aged person seeking help to clean the garbage and the dead animals dumped in front of his house. Through many of these calls, we could help many persons with various psycho-economic-social needs at this time of pandemic. Apart from the social and economic downfall, the people suffer more by depression, phobia, stress, isolation and trauma. As sisters of charity, we are called to be at the forefront in serving the people. Heeding the voice of our Foundress, «Go where the need is great and urgent», our province tried to find out the ways and means to help the needy people.

Four sisters of «Mariagam» community could join the Caritas India team to provide tele-counselling service to the victims of Covid- 19, collaborating with the district administration of Tiruchirappalli. The district has recorded 5550 infected and 81 deaths until today. Every day the Caritas India team meets at the office of the commissioner. They give us the list of Covid positive and suspected patients and their contact numbers. We contact the patients via telephone; we listen to them and help them. The people are facilitated to avail the government facilities for Covid test, home quarantine, institutional quarantine and nutritional cum financial support. During the tele-counselling, most of the people seek our prayers. Therefore, we remember them in our community prayers.