In our way of living and operating we keep as “norm and guide” Jesus the Redeemer who, in unbroken communion with the salvific will of the Father, walked through Palestine teaching, doing good and healing, and gathered around him a community of disciples that they might collaborate towards his work of salvation.

And so, in the time daily allotted to personal and community prayer, we stay with him in order to know what “his heart thinks, loves and does” and acquire his “most ardent charity” to the point of laying down our life.

Our passionate interest in what Jesus accomplished and suffered for our sake and our experience of his love in our own life impel us to go to our brethren with “the traits of his heart”, in particular: with charity, gentleness and humility.

In the Eucharistic Sacrifice we celebrate together our act of thanksgiving and, in holding the memory of the Lord’s paschal charity, we draw light and strength for each day to consume our energy in service as he did and said.

Going with us through our apostolic days is Mary, co-worker in our redemption; providential circumstances led our Institute to venerate her as dawn of salvation, in the mystery of her birth.

By the grace given us, we therefore follow a spirituality that commits us to be conformed to Jesus the Redeemer in what he did and in laying down his life so that all human beings may have true life; we seek to learn from him how to love and serve our neighbour and be signs and witnesses of his merciful love wherever he gathers us together.

PROVINCE OF BRAZIL – second half-yearly term (2017)

1. Macapá - «colégio santa Bartolomea Capitanio» - subsidy to a young girl attending the second year nutrition course. - intervention in favour of a head of a family to build a house; he does not earn enough money to provide the living for his wife and...

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PROVINCE OF ARGENTINA – second half-yearly term (2017)

 1. Pomabamba - «casa Virgen Niña - housing subsidy to a lady with a sick daughter; she had always looked after her parents and after their death, she was deprived of her house due to the greediness of her relatives. 2. Rio Grande - support to a student...

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PROVINCE OF MYANMAR – first half-yearly term (2017)

Loilem - «Sacred Heart Convent» - donation to a very capable boy belonging to a poor family (his mother is a widow, she has other two children); in this way he can attend high school, find a job and help his mother. Loikaw-Nanataw - «St Martin de Porres» -...

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PROVINCE OF ARGENTINA – first half-yearly term (2017)

Buenos Aires - «provincial house» - to help a family going through difficult economic conditions for providing medical-oncological treatments and proper nourishment to a member of the family who has already undergone a surgical intervention.

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