“From the depths of my heart, I thank you, my Jesus, for keeping me in existence to start this New Year. I beg you, grant that I may make of the whole of it a sacred offering. My heart is filled to overflowing with a holy joy at the thought that I am starting it with your most holy and sweetest Name.

From Jesus alone, through whom I am starting the New Year, will I therefore draw my comfort, my help, my strength and my delight. For the sake of Jesus, I now firmly resolve, for this whole year, to let every breath come from my heart, every thought from my mind, every word from my tongue, every action from my heart and from my body. In Jesus and with Jesus alone I want to act, think and speak so that everything may be sealed with the most Holy Name of Jesus.

My God, since you grant me this new year, I really want to become a saint, I want to be wholly yours, I want to love you truly from the heart.”

St Bartolomea Capitanio