The recent deluge in the state of Kerala, in the mid-August, has left behind devastating effects that would call for a pretty longer time to rebuild;  yet it has also broughtforth expressions of solidarity from different corners of the country and the world, and people from every walk of life and religion. While our communities in Calicut province have been victims of this disaster themselves, it has in no way diminished the spirit of charity imparted by our saints. The fraternal help of South East India province to its sister province in distress to journey together in this mission of rebuilding Kerala is an encouraging testimony.

It brings to our minds the courage of St. Vincenza Gerosa who at the outbreak of cholera in Lovere, in 1836, went out to serve the victims of the dreadful disease. We are told: with immense tenderness Vincenza turned to her sisters (were 7) and said to them:«Several vivid images of our most beloved Redeemer have entered as guests into our house, carrying the current disease. Duty and love for them call upon me, and I am at once going to them feeling sure that I will not be left alone»….her daughters, deeply moved and sharing in her sentiments, followed her fearlessly and bravely, outdoing themselves in their eagerness to be first to reach.

 These our first sisters, in active solidarity for the benefit of one’s country, with faith-inspired eyes recognized in the poor living images of Jesus and brethren. In a charity that is undaunted by imminent danger for their lives, they have traced out for us a path of charity through their own behaviour and have made the service an expression of communion with everyone.

We express our gratitude for the combined efforts of the sisters of the two provinces who continue the legacy of the Institute family. In serving and staying with those in distress, they have become life- bearing like yeast – in the words of pope Francis – as they continue to bear new life in places marked with signs of death.