1. Eanchacodu – «Assisi Bhavan»
– housing subsidy to a lady abandoned by her family members because of her handicap; she
earns her living through sewing.

2. Karanodai – «St Joseph’s Bhavan»
– help to the head of a family affected by cancer who, due to the medical expenses, has already
sold all his belongings.

3. Kona Kollai Patty – «Jeevan Jyothi»
– housing subsidy to a young couple, with two children, owner of a small plot of land.

4. Nagarikathan – «Holy Redeemer’s Convent»
– support to a lady who, falling seriously ill, is no longer able to work in order to provide for her
family and parents-in-law; besides she has also contracted debt to pay for her treatments.
Solidarity Fund