Life changing encounters

Experience of formation to Charity for the young people

“Who do you seek?” was the question that Jesus had asked the two disciples who had started to follow him at the testimony of John the Baptist. The same question had guided and accompanied around 20 young people who had come to partake in experience of formation to Charity in Giudecca prison from 13 to 19 August 2018. The sisters of the Community of “Casa Veronica”, Venice had organized it.

During the vigil at Circus Maximus, Rome, pope Francis had said, “Walking alone allows one to be unfettered by everything; but walking together makes us become a people, the People of God. The People of God who give us certainty, the certainty of membership in the People of God…. And with the People of God we feel secure; you have identity. An African proverb says: ‘If you want to go fast, run alone. If you want to go slow, go together with someone’ ”.

During these days, the young people had listened once again to their higher dreams that they carry within their heart, dreams that have to do with the reality of evil and that have to be identified, called by name and involves each one because it alludes to false promises that do not lead to true freedom.

The young people have tasted above all the joy of a true encounter that is capable of touching the heart and changing the life, as that of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well.

Moreover, it was at the well in the courtyard of the prison the young people, women prisoners, sisters, fathers gathered together to share the warm afternoons of August. The sharing allowed the dream of each person to become a possibility: a dream of a successful life, of a life capable of beginning anew continuously, of leaving space for hope, knowing that only in the encounter with the Other, that our humanity grows and is set free.

Sr. Monia, Sr. Franca, Sr. Chiara.