We were deeply moved by the sad story of a poor family of Maesalong village, narrated by the sisters who look after the boarding girls. During the Christmas holidays, we decided to visit that village to share with them our little presents and some food items we bought on our way. When we arrived at the place, we could not believe what we were looking at: so much poverty nearby a well-known area for its enchanting scenery, a great tourist attraction with holiday resorts and attractive buildings.

The children of the boarding came running to welcome us. We shared our Christmas presents with them and then continued our itinerary to see the others. While we were walking along, on the opposite side of the road in a hut with a patched roof, we saw a pregnant mother with other three kids and none of them went to school, as they do not have the Identity card. We went into the hut and what we saw was an empty pot and dirty clothes thrown here and there in the hut… In front of this situation, we thought of helping this family by providing them with the primary needs; the eldest boy, Somchai, was entrusted to a nearby school cum boarding run by a Catholic woman. We got help from the «Meulì foundation» for the construction of the house. Mr Adu, who visited the place with us, assured his collaboration with the help of friends who offered to work free of charge; other persons donated clothes, blankets, food items, drinking water… Within a few days, the construction of the house was completed and on 21 March, there was the inauguration ceremony, to which the head of the village was invited along with two of his helpers for the cutting of the ribbon. They thanked us for our generosity towards the poor, even though we did not know them; our hearts were filled with gratitude to the good Lord, for making use of us as His instruments to support the vulnerable.

May the Lord be glorified in all our works of charity towards our neighbour.