Lovere – Conventino

The first community of the Institute was formed in 1832 at a house later called “Conventino” (a small convent), in Lovere.

Its members were Bartolomea Capitanio and Caterina (Sr. Vincenza) Gerosa. They shaped its early life and started works of charity that remained of typical importance for the mission of the Institute in the world and through years to come: orphanages, schools, “oratori”, caring for the sick in hospital attached to the convent, parish work.

In the course of time the Institute, ever faithful to its origins, underwent transformations required by the changing situation.

The community currently attends to:

– primary school

– welcomes pilgrims to its Santuario, built in 1938 in honour of SS. Bartolomea & Vincenza, and conducts tours in its historical museum

– runs “Oasi Capitanio”, spirituality centre, opened in 1968.

Some sisters collaborate in parish pastoral care, others work at the hospital, at the rest-home or at the nursery school close by.

For the Institute, Lovere Mother House keeps alive the memory of its origins; it is a spiritual, affective bond, a place where it preserves and renews its identity.