We thank the Lord for having blessed us with the opportunity of exercising the Charism during the time of Covid-19, thus being close to the poor, following the footsteps of our Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa.

“… Let us have a preferential love for the poor. They are the living image of Jesus Christ. Let us help them as much as we can, even if it may cost us at times. Let us remember that in so doing  we  are  sure  to  please  our  most  loving  Jesus. This should be a sufficient reason to urge us to do it promptly and eagerly.

 – Bartolomea Capitanio, (Scr I, 13)

“… whatever we have, belongs to God and to the poor

                                                                      – Vincenza Gerosa,  (VG, 351)


Here below are the acknowledgement letter sent to us by the Caritas Ambrosiana and what was published in the Italian Newspaper, “Avvenire” dated 13 May 2020 with regard to the initiative of solidarity.

Message sent on Monday, 11 May 2020

To the Esteemed Congregation, “Sisters of Maria Bambina”

I briefly update on the use of the Maggianico, Lecco property of the Institute of Maria Bambina, which was given to us for rent with kindness for the accommodation of the homeless in this period to health and social emergency.

We have gradually opened it and today we host about ten people. Next week we expect to have 15 more guests. The house has the capacity of accommodating 24 people. With their help, we clean the courtyard and the greenery and with some volunteers, we have started a garden cultivation activity.

Thanking you again for the availability shown, I extend my cordial greetings.

Luciano Gualzetti

Director of Caritas Ambrosiana


From the Italian Newspaper, Avvenire, 13 May 2020

The homeless in the ex-convent and the competition of solidarity

The ex-convent of the sisters of Maria Bambina becomes a “hostel of solidarity” for 24 homeless persons during the time of pandemic. Hundred and forty families accept the invitation to prepare the supper for the homeless accommodated here. Thus in Lecco, the challenge of Covid-19 becomes a compassionate response of a community so that no one is ignored.

There are 24, 18 men and six women, homeless who during the health emergency receive help and hospitality, both day and night in the hostel opened by Caritas Ambrosiana in the ex-convent. The place: Maggianico, rione di Lecco where the hospitality is an age-old vocation, and has left its trace in the annals of art and literature  as a place frequented by the members of “scapigliatura”. The same ex-convent, recalls a public statement of Caritas, was a hotel, in the beginning of 18th century before the arrival of the sisters, and even in recent times a hospitality center for those who seek refuge. “Now it will welcome the homeless until the work in the Casa della Carità in the downtown is not completed”, explain those in Caritas.

The first ten homeless – six Italians and four foreigners – who arrived in the weekend also help in the final arrangement works, like planting the roses and cleaning the statue of Our Lady at the entrance. They will have at their disposition double or triple bedded rooms, a dining hall, garden and cultivable land of which they will take care. “Two night watchmen and an educator present during the day time will manage the life in the community, besides respecting those normal rules regarding life in common they will  also respect those precautions needed due to the pandemic”, continues the Caritas statement. The new guests will have to undergo a medical checkup at the entrance. Once they are welcomed, they have to remain there for 14 days. Fever will be monitored twice a day, they would have to wear the mask, follow the rules for avoiding contagion, as everyone.

“The hostel is the compassionate response of an entire community to the virus – explains Luciano Gualzetti, director of Caritas Ambrosiana -. In this health emergency, the risk that we face is to close ourselves down to look upon the poorest with greater diffidence who are also the ones most in need of help. The people of Lecco, instead, have understood the message. The parish priest, Mgr. Davide Milani, in order to involve the people, has asked them to prepare food for the supper: 140 families have responded. An explosion of solidarity, very encouraging”

(L. Ros)

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