Feast for all was the inscription that dominated, on July 30, in the slide projected at the beginning of a fraternal meeting,
organized at the conclusion of the activity with a group of sisters who «pray and offer» which lasted for a month and a half.
We have called this period GREST, a common name for the many parish summer initiatives.For us, it was an acrostic
formed by the words: Joy, Risen, Energy, Simplicity, Tranquillity. Values that we have tried to convey through religious, cultural,
theatrical, musical activities and in making pleasant handmade crafts, involving the group of 22/24 retired sisters,
from 8.45 a.m. to ore 10.30 a.m. The animators did their best with joy and passion in carrying out every concrete proposal,
guided by a common thread referring to the Laudato si’ by pope Francis.
Besides, ‘experts’ have instructed us about some current problems, such as: the art of Canova who is our fellow citizen,
the life and culture of the American people – teaching us also to read in English the most common words used in Italian –
the experiences of our religious Family focusing on spiritual fraternity, computer science and the possibility to visit the Institute’s
In brief, this is the content of the experience. But what good did it procure to us animators and to the sisters who have participated?
We have experienced how ‘sweet and suave’ it is to work together and, at the same time, how demanding and challenging it is to cross our thoughts
and proposals putting them together in unity and harmony to maintain the tone of the GREST.
‘Together’ is not the sum, but the multiplication of opening our heart to the other, of esteem and competition,so that the other can express oneself
in the best way, of renouncing one’s projects even if innovative compared to the others much easier and common.
Working together has allowed us to get involved with each other, even before we manage to make our sisters enjoy themselves. We rejoiced because,
by sharing every Saturday afternoon some of the lines of programming for the week, we could see our mutual proposals enriched and embellished,
making them more feasible, more appropriate to the possibilities of the participants, more shared because the work of one merged into the work of all.
Real gemstones have emerged from sisters over 80/90 years old. They involved themselves from the first day; they took into consideration the working proposal
and they followed the experience for 45 days with assiduous presence, active participation, appreciating the contributions of the experts and
enjoying meeting laypeople who have high spiritual depth and ability in presenting performances, grateful and sincere thanks.
All this allows us to make some considerations: the sisters who «pray and offer» are sensitive to meaningful stimuli that help them to keep their minds
and hearts alive. The articulation in ward level groups, although flexible, is necessary in order not to flatten those who still have good and efficient capacities.
It is not enough to plan the day with a standard routine: animation is necessary. We have to invest in different people and means…
It is trusting the sister who is next to you that consents the miracle of joy, contentment and commitment. Trust stimulates, promotes and
it can come only from the passion that God has for each of us.
We thank the superior for the confidence she has placed on us and the sisters who, behind the scenes, have helped us with open arms.
Above all, we thank our lovable Redeemer who has supported us and kept us all healthy both spiritually and physically.