It was a matter of great joy and pride for all of us, when Sr. Regina Mudyappan from «Capitanio Convent», received a certificate of award and a medal by the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CBCI) for her service in the field of Evangelization in the Diocese. In the last five years, she worked, full time, in the Diocesan Centre for the spread of the ‘Good News’. This year bishop, Mgr Thomas Aquinas, awarded her publicly, in Bangalore, acknowledging her notable commitment.

In the ‘Catholic enquiry centre’ where she works, she mostly deals with the people of other faith seeking solutions for their problems. She counsels them and talks to them about the message of Jesus. Besides she visits Churches and Shrines in the diocese where she meets persons in difficulties and she directs them to Jesus, Way, Truth and Life. She gives them leaflets and other material to make them know Jesus and the teachings of the Church. After having followed them for at least a year, she accompanies them and helps them, so that, they may freely and knowingly become members of the Church. She is assisted by a group of laypersons who act under the direction of a diocesan priest, in charge of the ministry of evangelization. During the plenary meeting of the CBCI, in the presence of the Nuncio and other bishops, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, in delivering the certificate of merit, recognized her as sister of charity and exhorted her to go ahead with courage in this great work of evangelization.