Province of Secunderabad

On special occasions, we normally invite a group of the most neglected sections of society: elderly, orphans, differently-abled women,
street children and destitute. This year, the Lord inspired us to share a day with a group which is rather estranged to us:
the transgender persons; who constantly have to face invasive questions and transphobic remarks. This idea was welcomed wholeheartedly
by the management, the staff and the students of «St Francis» and, especially by our provincial superior Sr. Alphonsa Vattoly,
who told us to goahead  to organize this celebration. We started mobilizing to look for the needed fund to meet the needs.
Sr. Lizzy Joseph helped us to contact the leaders of the transgender group. The day was fixed for 4 January with the theme «Glad Tidings 2020».
The school was decked up with colourful balloons and flowers; over 120 persons responded positively to our invitation and
they arrived with a happy face along with many expectations. The day started with a short prayer, then we listened to some of their
difficult life stories and their courage to carry on with life and it was followed by some cultural programmes. Lunch was an occasion to stay
with them with great respect to each other; in order to create a serene atmosphere, the teachers had also organized some games in which
they got involved with the joyfulness of children.
For the conclusion of the day we had a surprise for them: a gift package which consisted of a beautiful saree and other essentials needed
in day to day life. Afterwards, our guests bid goodbye to us leaving an unforgettable mark in our hearts and great joy, much greater than we
could offer them.  They entered our house as strangers and left as people we care about so that, according to their own desire, they can have
adequate medical facilities, consultations and the possibility of being involved on a professional level.
We thank Sr. Alphonsa Vattoly for her support and encouragement in making this event a success, the sisters of the community and the staff
for the service rendered with utmost care and dedication. It is so rightly said that «small acts when multiplied by millions of people,
can transform the world». Love promotes dignity and requires empathy, compassion, listening and understanding; we wish that all may enjoy
these possibilities in their lives.