We juniors have experienced an intense moment of formation to charity during our stay in the community of our sisters at Palermo sharing in their service in the territory Z.E.N. I. (Zona Espansione Nord – quarter on the northern outskirts).

This experience was for us a way of learning to look at the reality with the eyes of God and in that to recognize the beauty and the problems of life.

The different experiences lived during that week:-

  • in the Associazione Lievito Onlus (service of scholastic support to children and youth),
  • in Oasi Verde (a charitable institution that welcomes persons with physical and mental disabilities or those abandoned),
  • at the Don Orione parish meal centre,
  • in listening to the service of ‘Caritas’ that takes care of the victims of Human trafficking

All these above experiences have made us to understand that the deepest desire of st. Bartolomea, ‘to do everything possible for the good

of the neighbour’ is possible through the small and the big gestures of everyday in the place where we are called to live the culture of encounter.

Day after day, without falling a prey to the danger of indifference, we have grown in respect for persons welcoming him/her

in his/her dignity of the son/daughter of God.

We have learnt that the ‘blessed charity’, that our Saint liked most, becomes possible only by staying within the reality with the attention of a heart

that knows to listen to the cry of God in the cry of man.

Only then, we too can become, with the grace of God, capable of discovering a hidden humanity in which the good always triumphs!

– Sr. Silvina, Sr. Marcia, Sr. Nima, Sr. Maria Emilia