Mariagam, Provincial House, South East India Province

We, sisters of the community of «Mariagam», in order to animate the youth ministry, decided to celebrate 6th January, the feast of the epiphany of the Lord, with the youth of the two sub-stations of our parish. The youth marched towards our house in groups, willing and excited to visit our community. The celebration was initiated by invoking the presence of the Lord, then the provincial superior and the community welcomed them formally. After introducing to them the significance of the day, we invited them to pray and live this experience meaningfully. We conducted a few games, which motivated them to work together as a team and then followed some cultural events presented by our youth. The programme left to everyone the message that God continues to visit us and we need to attend to him.

At the centre point of the feast there were the projection of some short video-clips, which brought out the message of living a contented life, without losing hope, and to provide time for God who gives hope and meaning to our life. After a short session of sharing, the superior presented the life of St Aloysius Gonzaga, patron of the young, and commented the words of pope Francis: «Dear young people, the Church needs you». We greatly appreciated the presence of the youth among us for their enthusiasm, good will to participate in this celebration, and their vivacious and joyful attendance.