Incessant and unprecedented rains, in the months of July and August, provoked unexpected floods and landslides in some parts of India, including Karnataka, with severe consequences. The untold sufferings caused rendered the life of the people a mess and it was a heartrending time to work with them and to reflect upon God’s paternity. The disaster victims had to leave their native places and take refuge in the schools, hospitals and wherever they found vacant places. We religious did our best to help them to find a shelter.

The Conference of religious of India took initiatives to help these people who suffered due to the water logging, tree falls, damage to houses…; following the guidelines of Karnataka regional Conference of religious, our provincial superior animated the sisters of the province to make sacrifices and tackle difficulties in order to reach out as many victims as possible in various places. «To do everything possible… even shed their blood for the good of the neighbour». The words of Bartolomea inspired each one, according to her capacity, to give her own contribution. It was heart touching to see the mentally challenged inmates of Jeppoo happy to open their suitcases and give, joyfully, their new cloths to the flood relief people. The Conference of religious of India, Mangalore unit, invited to help the people to clean the houses of Mandhara village, affected by the dumping yard garbage. The sisters of Bijapur spent plenty of time to rehabilitate the people of the villages transformed into islands, due to the water that gushed from the dam of Maharashtra. It was an extraordinary experience working without considering cast, creed and culture. The disasters caused by the flood stirred up solidarity; all worked as if they are working for their own family. Let us pray God that he may be gracious to these people and grant them a new life.