Lovere Twins

The two Saints appear, first of all, together, in mutual relationship, one in need of the other, mutually complementary,
thanks to their individual differences: together and distinct, each with her personal endowments and functions, for the good of
the same undertaking. The Holy Spirit, who put in Bartolomea a gift enabling her to found the Institute, moulded Vincenza for a definite task,
for another unique task in the history of the Institute: that of bridging over the gap between foundress and foundation, between
the envisaged plan to the actual realization of it: a task that Bartolomea had hardly time to perform. The Institute has always
thought of them together, inseparable because of the different functions they have performed in the Institute-project.
This aspect was often stressed throughout the Processes:
Each of them played her part, yet for the sake of the Giver-of- all-gifts, the personal endowments and
characteristic features of one permeated  into those of the other, blending into one in such a way that
any attempt to separate them would be humanly short-sighted.
This makes it even more meaningful and providential, as the same recorded evidence points out, that they were glorified at the same time.
It was as if «the two different lights were made to merge in harmony: the passionate ardour of youth with the prudence of mature age;
the inner urge and generous dedication of Mary with the thoughtful, persevering and patient labour of Martha».
In them there was realized what a spiritual writer has said: «In his designs of loving-kindness, God deals with us in
such a way that each one of us is in need of another, and we find in others what we see lacking in ourselves.
In that way we remain humble, we grow kinder, we make unity more clearly manifest».

                                       –  From The Grace of the Origins, Sr. Albarica Mascoti, p. 83-86

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2. From St. Gemma’s convent, Malappuram, Calicut Province