The «Margherita Institute» has passed the Qualificazione Sud (South qualification) of the FIRST® LEGO® League. It is a ‘world challenge’ or competition for successive qualification of science and robotics among teams of boys, aged 9 to 16 years, who design, build and programme autonomous robots, setting them to real ecological, economical and social problems of great general interest, in order to look for innovative solutions.

The event requires participants to make a research with all the criteria characteristic of the scientific protocol on a current problem. Every year a new challenge is announced, on which the participating teams must compete. The competitions are developed on four separate tests divided as: robotics competition, technical project, scientific project and core values. Besides being passionate about science and enjoying it, the boys acquire knowledge and skills useful for their future work, getting closer in a concrete way, to potential careers in the social, scientific and engineering field.

The teams must demonstrate that they follow the fundamental values of FIRST® LEGO® League, which require, in particular, the capacity to work in a group and to respect other participants.

The challenge is the same all over the world. Currently, 88 nations spread across the 5 continents are involved. The qualifications start from the regional phase and continue in the national one, which provides access to international, continental and world events.

After having selected among the boys who expressed their wish to participate in the event, the «Margherita», formed the team led by coach prof. Maria Mercurio and prof. Gianna Maria Paola Tarantino, coordinators of educative and didactic activities. Then the team passed the ‘qualificazione sud’, held at Salerno on 13 February, necessary for access to the national finals that will be held on 8 and 9 March at Rovereto.