There were many initiatives to celebrate the 120 years of «Istituto Margherita». We mention three of them. The first: inauguration of Hortus Café, the garden of the ideas. The students of the lower secondary school, under the guidance of the art, science and technical teachers, have planned and realized a garden, enriching it with plants, flowers (catalogued with scientific name, technical details, graphic display of the original), a small fountain and multicoloured wall painting. This place will be used as ‘special hall’ to experience the value of collaboration, comparison of ideas, creativity and to live the encounter with nature and art in the day-to-day school activity.

The second event: The XVI bike ride that was exhibited as a multicolour and joyous caravan across the city, reaching to the big city park, where «the feast of the birthday» of our school along with the involvement of all its protagonist was celebrated: the students, teachers and parents were invited to «take care of the city, gifting it a smile». Finally, a special lesson on the story of the past: the students of the sixth grade, after a ‘treasure hunt’ to discover the historical sources hidden in the hall, have browsed, read and analyzed in pairs, with the help of a question-guide, notebooks with themes dealt, books, cards and newspapers of the first half of the 20th century. There opened before them a world to be explored and to be compared with the present. They also had the joy of seeing an ancient set of script and the writing on a parchment with nib and ink guided by the expert hands of Sr. Giovanna, who has narrated to them some of the extraordinary things about the history of the Institute. Enriched by this lesson, they transmitted what they have learnt to the children of the fourth grade, in a meeting that lasted for an hour where the little ones acted as great teachers. In the joy of these experiences, gratitude arises not only for the history narrated from 1899 to this day, but also for the many hearts and hands that continue to write it, together, with enthusiasm and always with a renewed creativity.