“Asian Friendship Organization”

‘Asian Friendship Organization’ was established in 1990 by Sr.Nerina Anselmi with some Japanese volunteers. The main aim of this organization is to assist the education of the children of Myanmar and to involve the Japanese to learn about peace and maintenance of International co-operation with the people in developing countries. At present, there are approximately 200 members in the Organization.

The Organization functions in Myanmar, under the management of Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa, also known as Sisters of Maria Bambina. The members of the Organization engage themselves in several fund raising activities in order to extend financial support towards the education of children in Myanmar. At this moment, 230 children benefit from it, are able to complete their high school studies, and are prepared to face the tomorrow of their lives with confidence. The sponsors are happy to offer their support, if the child expresses to continue his/her higher studies. The contribution is about 100 dollars per a child for a year. The Sponsors are kept in touch with the children through updated photos and regular correspondence.

Twice a year, we take part in the flea market in view of collecting funds for this noble cause. The people cooperate with us wholeheartedly and as a result, each time we collect a fair amount of about 5000 dollars, which are sent to Myanmar in March and in November. Through these activities, we grow in trust towards one another and build a friendly community atmosphere. Once a year we organize a meeting for the members of the group to exchange our experiences and make a feast and we also take part in the events of other international organizations.

Once in every five years we organize a study tour to Myanmar. In March 2018, nine members visited Myanmar. During this visit, we have the possibility to meet the children whom we help, get to know their life situation and meet the sisters and discuss with them about the educational support. Through these meetings and other means of communication, we have sensed in a better way the actual situation of Myanmar.

It is our ardent desire to continue this humanitarian activity so that the children realize their dream for their future. May God, who has initiated this good work, enable us to forward with trust in His loving Providence.