Padova: On 15th November, during the formation animation meeting «Gestures, words, medicines: a wonderful covenant», organized in our home for the aged «Maria Bambina» by the Acos Veneto association, we had the chance of meeting and listening to the precious testimony of aunt Caterina, a Florentine lady dressed apparently in a funny manner, colorful and strange.

Aunt Caterina, who remained alone, has decided to dedicate her life to the service of the others and in a particular way to the children who have to undergo long painful treatments. She has thus transformed her taxi into a true oasis of peace, full of teddy bears, colours, games and designs, where above all the children with cancer, called by her as ‘superheroes’, can, at least for some time, live cheerfully. Aunt Caterina accompanies her ‘superheroes’ also to movies, to games parks and to supermarkets. She accompanies them with the love that a special aunt can give. Although she seems to be a strong woman confident of herself, she admitted of being fragile and sensitive. Aunt Caterina met also the inmates, danced and sang with them in an atmosphere of joy and sharing, narrating incidents of her experience underlining the fact that together and all united we can do many things. We too wished to manifest our affection and closeness to her ‘superheroes’, by making key chains in the form of heart which she would gift them. It was a very beautiful day that taught us sharing, joy, hope and above all love.