New Delhi: When the afternoon classes for the poor children and for the housemaids were stopped because of the poor attendance, we have understood that we cannot have a rainbow without a little rain. When Sr. Reginalda was visiting the families, she surprisingly discovered an array of slums where hundreds of poor children loiter around wanting many things in life especially literacy.

Therefore, Vijay Nagar slums became the centre of our attention, discussion and mission. Finally, we asked ourselves: Could «Our Rainbow Kids» be these children? Driven by a passionate love for the poor, Sr. Divya and Sr. Shiny along with Sr. Reginalda, a zealous social worker, visited the locality and studied the situation in detail. We decided to take up this new venture of starting literacy classes for the preschool children, coaching classes for the school going, primary classes and tailoring classes for the dropouts. At present, about 40 children attend the classes in the morning hours and 10 girls attend the tailoring classes. The classes are held in the fenced courtyard of one of the slum dweller and a coordinator from «Holy Child School» supervises the centre. May God accompany us in our endeavour to be his presence in the peripheries. We also pray to God that each of us in our daily life may become a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.