Spending time reflecting on your own death can be a freeing experience, and one that can even help us to become better people. Death “is a fact” that affects everyone. For some people it may come sooner and for some later, but regardless, “it comes.”

Because we are all men and women on a journey in finite time, it is a good idea to pray to God asking for a good sense of time, so that we are not “imprisoned” by the present moment. He also recommended repeating to yourself the phrase: “I am not the master of time.”

Another question we should ask ourselves is: “What would be my legacy if God were to call me today? What legacy would I leave as a testimony of my life?” It is a good question to ask ourselves. Thus, we can prepare ourselves, because each one of us… none of us will remain ‘as a relic.’ We must all go down this path.

Remembering that we will inevitably die can help us live the present moment better, “illuminating with the fact of death the decisions that I must make every day.”

–  Pope Francis

(from https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/remember-youre-going-to-die-pope-francis-counsels-90734)