34 min.
Pilgrimage to where our
Story started,
Bartolomea and Vincenza,
Saints of Charity

"This is, then, the daylight St Bartolomea and St Vincenza opened their eyes to; this is the sky they gazed at, this is the fresh air they breathed: their Lake, their hill, the streets they went by, brisk and humble of step, aspiring to lofty heights of love".

These brief words uttered by Cardinal Colombo on the day of their Canonization fully express the tiny, great story lived in this little patch of land nestling within the shores of the Lake of Iseo, tenderly enclosed within the boundary of overhanging hills.

It is the story of two women so different from one another yet closely knit by the same desire to love God by serving their neighbour.
Their dream has come true, and it has embraced the whole world, because God’s love has no boundaries and it will never have an end.

The torch has passed on from the hands of the foundresses to those of their spiritual daughters, and now it is burning bright, for it has covered other lands and other times, and has reached our own days.


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