August 2012   Joys, sorrows, hardships and hopes
A special place
Fr. Clement Vismara and his beard
Can we truly educate?
Educating oneself to educate others
Family, a domestic church

June 2012

With open hearts
There was in her heart an ardent anthusiam
An experience that impressed on me

Law versus Lawlessness
Awakening hope

February 2012

The desidre for something more

1825-1907: sr Geltrude Bongiovanni

Harvest time

I set out without a precise idea

It is a night like any other

November 2011

Thank you!

1857 - 1906: sr Angela Mantica

Missionary experience in Chirundu

Missionary experience in Brazil

This charity is somethingI love exceedingly

July 2011

A gift of God
1857-1906: sr Francesca del Giorgio

Keep alive your hope

May 2011

Like a sunbeam
1866 -1907: sr Tomasina Zampatti

Life experience
We miss something

A glimpse of Brazil


March 2011
  Hands outstretched to each other
1842-1906: sr Michelina Gregori
With the desire of starting afresh

The seed of good sown
January 2011

Looking toward to ecountering Love
The joy of homecoming
Mad with joy
Days of love

November 2010

A profound sense of God's presence
1834-1907; sr Eustocchio Cambieri
An embarassing experience
Still insecure
Little stories

October 2010

A dream come true
Special Olympics.
A sacred heritage
I knew him!


September 2010

Fragment in a lovely mosaic
1865-1907, sr. Angela Bolla
A week end with a difference
Dignity and courage
Youth convention


June 2010

Choosing the best possible way!
1874-1906: Sr Elisabetta Pelloso
Love is countagious
A diary of a catechumen
www.La capra


May 2010

Coming to a new place
1880-1906, sr. Tarcisia Cairati
Much still needs be done


April 2010

1827-1907, sr Margherita Maffeis
A friend has arrived

March 2010

Generosity, devotion, strenght and tenacy
1869-1906, sr Maria Gaboardi,
Small deeds


January 2010

Tears to wipe off, hopes to bring to
1836-1906, Suor Pellegrina Buffoli
Small steps.


December 2009

Heroic courage for the sake of others
1835-1906, Suor Felice Antoniolli
Children with moving stories.


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