The pupils of class 4

The pupils of class 4 of «istituto Margherita», after reflecting on the prayer of Bartolomea, wrote their own prayer: it is a breathe of freshness and spontaneity of their tiny-great heart. All of them deserve to be shared, however, we are just offering you a ‘relish’; nevertheless, it challenge us to revive in us their religious sense that pervaded their short life opened to supernatural. We encourage thank all the children.


Jesus, I speak to you with an open heart, because you have set it free from evil. Now my heart is open, because You have opened it with your love. It is brightened up by the lantern that you carry with You to tell me that you are present. I dream, desire and love to surrender my spirit into your hands and let myself be led by the only one Father of all, with the hope that one day I may cross the door of Heaven, promising to be forever faithful to You. Put in my heart the strength, love and joy so as to pass on these qualities to every person I encounter. Help me to assist always my neighbour and not to offend anyone saying: «I don’t want to help you, I do not want to waste time with you!». In the midst of everyday problems, grant that I may not forget your conversation, and that my heart may improve ever more. Enlighten me, so that I may always follow the path of good and discover my true character, which will remain hidden until You help me to do so. Amen!

(Paola Scarangella)


Jesus, I turn to you happily and joyfully. Thank you for making me a Christian. Help me in all my difficulties and fears of today. I desire to be held tightly in your sweet hands then I will be able to think that all my sacrifices come from you, because I want to embrace you always. I desire so much to be urged by you to give a lot of love to others. Make me understand that I must always help my neighbour and when someone asks me for something, I have to say always ‘yes’. Grant that I may do all things with joy, love, affection and happiness to please you and for your glory. Give me sufficient light so that I may love and learn to give everything, because I love you very much and trust in You always. Amen!

(Giuseppe Cardone)



Jesus, I turn to you with all my soul. Thank you for protecting me during the night with true love.

I ask you to keep watch over me during the day. I wish to throw myself totally into your hands and to consider sincerely that all things that happen today are coming from your infinite heaven, so they will be very dear to me, knowing that you permit them for my good.

Preserve at every instant, peace and love in my tiny heart, serenity on my face, honesty in my words and gentleness in my dealings. Help me to find all means to do good to my brother, without excluding anyone from my life, and to do everything that your love asks me, though it may seem impossible to me. In the midst of the duties I am called to do every day, grant that my soul may be hidden in You and I may do everything for your glory. Brighten up my mind, so that I may understand all that pleases You and give me the grace to seek your will and to act every moment accordingly.
I trust only in You. Amen!

(Nicolas De Cristoforo)


Dear Jesus, I praise you with all my heart, I thank you for looking after me from my birth. I ask you to be close to me all through my life. I wish to let myself be carried into Your arms, and whatever will happen to me I will announce it to all and will consider that everything has been given to me from heaven; grant that I may always follow the right path. Help me to be always gentle, smiling and kind towards all. Help me always to see, with the eyes of the heart, the brother in difficulty who needs my care. Grant that I may always pray to You, and that I may never forget You, above all in my daily life. Give me light that I may know you fully and that I may become a good child. I trust only in You. Amen!

(Ludovica Rossi)


Jesus, with all my heart I trust in you. Thank you for being with me last night. I ask you to help me in this new day. I wish so much to surrender myself to You and not to be afraid of what will happen to me today, because I am sure that everything will go on well.
Preserve peace and happiness in my heart, a lot of serenity and calmness on my face, gentleness in my eyes, purity in my heart. Help me, my Jesus, to seek in every way, the good of my neighbour and to grow in goodness. In the midst of the problems of today, grant that, in my heart, I may seek only You, your greatness and your glory. Enlighten me and lead me on the good path; grant me the grace to be a good child and I will always seek You and your will. Thank you for listening to me; I trust in your love. Amen!

(Bianca Bellomo)


Jesus, I speak to you wholeheartedly. Thank you for creating and protecting me during the night. Please help me during the day too. I wish to be embraced in your arms and to think that everything that takes place today, comes from heaven and it will be very beautiful, and it is truly so, because all that You do is for my own good. Preserve always peace in my tiny heart, smile on my face and beauty in every word that I utter. Help me to find what is useful to help the people I encounter; I shall do it joyfully, if it is possible to me. Together with the duties of every day life, grant that my whole heart may be only for You, and all that I do be only for your love and for the joy of my brethren. Shed light in my mind, so that I may understand if what I do is pleasing to You, Jesus; grant me always your love, I will love You only. Amen!

(Armando Ragone)


Jesus, I turn to You with all my heart. Thank you for watching over me right from my childhood; I pray You, do not leave me alone. I wish to place myself into your arms and whatever happens to me, I will be sure that it is a sign of your immense love for me. Preserve in me always the cheerfulness of heart, interior peace and a transparent look. Teach me to find all the means to assist my neighbours, and to help them to love to understand that every moment of their life is important. Every day I offer my heart to You full of joy and love for your glory. Enlighten me to understand what pleases You mostly; grant me the grace to act and to rise after every failure, and to understand always your will. I trust in You alone. Amen!

(Silvia Loconsole)






The manifestation of sanctifying grace

Scott P. Richert

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The pupils of class 4

The pupils of class 4 of «istituto Margherita», after reflecting on the prayer of Bartolomea, wrote their own prayer: it is be continued


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As the Beatification of Pope Paul VI is getting near, let us ask him to accompany us with his words and exhortations, in order to revive our devotion to Mary, the Queen of Holy Rosary, and to intensify our prayer for the Church and for all mankind.


MARIALIS CULTUS, Apostolic Exhortation, February 2, 1974
CHRISTI MATRI; Encyclical on prayers during October, September 15, 1966 MENSE MAIO; Encyclical On PrayersDuring May, April 29, 1965



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John Paul II

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LITTLE HISTORY OF THE ROSARY Apostolic letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae

of the Supreme Pontiff John Paul II
The Rosary of the Virgin Mary, which gradually took form in the second millennium under the guidance of the Spirit of God be continued





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