In our communities in Mission Countries, there is never an end to all the needs, and our desire to lighten the burden of so many people in distress gives rise to several projects for the benefit of those entrusted to our Sisters’ care.

Such projects could be:
draining water from the river rather than digging a well to provide the children of the boarding-school with water; distributing school equipment to all the children to make sure they can continue to attend school; providing healthcare equipment needed in dispensaries, which is often the only place where sick people can go for treatment, purchasing machinery for technical schools or craft centres, furnishing schools with benches and chairs to ensure a seat for every child; contributing towards the providing of food and clothing particularly in certain places in occasion of festivities commemorating days of national importance; providing a poor family with a goat to have milk for the children, and so on.

The donor himself chooses whether to carry his helps, passing through the central administration, specifying to what project wants to participate.



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