“Distance makes the heart grow fonder” could be a good way of describing the form of human solidarity/Christian charity that goes by the name of “adoption by sponsorship”.
The Sisters of Maria Bambina use the same term in an appeal for support of their service of charity to so many children in extreme need in Countries where they live and work: in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Thailand), in Latin America (Brazil, Peru, Uruguay), in Africa (Zambia, Zimbabwe), in Eastern Europe (Romania).

Participation in this project involves an ‘adoption’ of a child by the ‘Sponsor’ through an annual subscription currently amounting to 240 or 250 Euros per year for four or five uninterrupted years: this will ensure for the child whatever is necessary for its growth: education (school fee and stationery), healthcare, nourishment, clothing and play, besides guaranteeing that there is someone who lives a long distance away but is affectionately close to the child.

The contribution is received through the child’s family or, more commonly, through the Centre where the Sisters have assumed responsibility for the care of the child in the absence or inability of its parents. A ‘child’ can be a baby of a few months, but the age can be extended to 14 or 15 years, even, especially in cases when it could be of great benefit to a promising child to be helped in going in for higher studies. Girls need special attention in Countries where the emancipation of women is not yet attained.

Adoption can also be done by groups of families, friends, colleagues, sports or recreational Clubs, ‘oratori’ and school classes. Sponsors come to ‘know’ adopted children by means of photos and information about family and on growth and progress, given by the Sisters who act as the point of reference for both sides.

We are grateful to those who are joining in this project of ours, making it possible for us to support our Sisters in Mission Countries in their service of charity, particularly in looking after children who are poor, often abandoned, with no access to education, or physically and mentally handicapped. Adoption by sponsorship is a simple, kind gesture which responds to demands of justice even more than to those of charity. It provides a child with what is needed for his education without cutting him off from his own context.
To all Sponsors we send a photo of the child with relevant information about his family and Country. Information and photos are normally updated once or twice a year, knowing that this means so much to adopters, and helps to create a bond, as with physical parents, with the child. At the same time we appreciate the considerable amount of care and hard work this requires from the Sisters for each adopted child.

The contribution for an adoption by sponsorship is 240 Euros per year (20 Euros per month). It can be also done in Instalments by Bank account (see Footnote)or in cash.

As far as possible, it would be easier, for both sides, if the amount is paid at once in one lot. Normally, the accompaniment of an adopted child’s bringing up, more especially of his schooling, takes about four or five years. If an adopter is unable to keep up his/her sponsorship commitment, they are kindly requested to inform us in time.

Currently our adoption-by-sponsorship project takes into particular consideration two zones of great poverty: Myanmar and North-East India, without excluding other Countries where our Sisters are engaged in works of charity: in Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Peru); in Africa (Zambia and Zimbabwe); in other parts of India, in Bangladesh and Nepal; in Europe, Romania.

- in Myanmar, our communities personally receive or assist abandoned children, and other children whose families are unable to look after them, physically or mentally disabled minors, lepers, widows and entire families in extreme difficulty. In the villages, Sisters regularly visit poor, forsaken people, taking to them what material help and moral support they can. At the Government level, no assistance is given; in fact, the opening of schools and hospitals is not allowed. However, the Sisters do their best to send the children to public schools because they hold it of fundamental importance that every child should have a good education to ensure a better future for themselves and for their Country.

- Our communities in North-East India are working in one of the poorest zones of the Country. The Sisters take particular care of children of primitive tribes and are keen to have them attend school. To the women they provide instruction in domestic science, with the aim of preparing them for life as housekeepers and good mothers to their own children.

We take it for granted that the support given to the child becomes a support to the whole family. If the child lives at a Mission Station, the support given for him is in a certain sense extended to all the children assisted. The Sisters guarantee the utilization of the assistance given according to the purpose for which it is offered. Our own office does not reserve any portion of the amount for itself.



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