VOLUME PRIMO, Luigi Ignazio Mazza,

ANNI 1824-1827
ANNI 1828-1829
ANNI 1830-1833
LETTERE SENZA DATA scritte fra 1824-1833

VOLUME SECONDO, Luigi Ignazio Mazza,

PARTE PRIMA: Esercizi di pietà
PARTE SECONDA: Regolamenti e massime di vita cristiana
PARTE TERZA: Altre pratiche divote
  Indice delle materie
  Indice generale

VOLUME TERZO, Luigi Ignazio Mazza,

PARTE PRIMA:  Esercizi spirituali e Ritiri mensili
   Note sui pensieri di superbia
   Note sull'osservanza del metodo di vita
  Indice parte prima
PARTE SECONDA: Pratiche di vita perfetta
  Indice parte seconda

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The challenges of our times which in their very contradictions hide a deep yearning for religiosity, together with the Church’s appeal to promote a spirituality of communion, induce us to live up to our charism by cultivating a timely dialogue of charity in our relations with those we meet and serve through the works of mercy in accordance with our apostolic project.
With this aim in mind, we draw on our womanly resources and on values of internationality and interculturality that characterize our Institute.

We live by this gift of communion first of all in our fraternal life as sisters who partake of the same founding charism and share spiritual and material goods, and as disciples of Jesus ever on our way together, sustained by merciful love for one another.
The increased internationality of the Institute is for us a source of richness impelling us to welcome and value cultural diversities and committing us to tackle calmly any limits or difficulties that dialogue involves.

Made capable, by grace, of reciprocity and communion among ourselves, we strive to carry on a dialogue of charity in our apostolic service: we do this by fostering a sense of universal brotherhood in Jesus the Redeemer, remaining in solidarity with the poor and going through a process of inculturation, without which we cannot be true neighbours today. This demands that we be discerning, willing to learn from what is different and to develop a readiness for collaboration in Church and in society, effecting an exchange of gifts that is typical of genuine service.

True to our identity as consecrated persons committed to follow Jesus the Redeemer, who for our sake took the “form of a servant” and wanted us all to be one in himself, we strive to promote a culture of solidarity and to foster a spirituality of communion in the ecclesial and human family, so that all may live as God’s children in the Father’s household.

  Lettere   Pratiche di pietà   Note e pratiche di vita perfetta
  ANNO pagine   CONTENUTI pagine   CONTENUTI pagine
  1824 5-21   esercizi di pietà 1-112   esercizi spirituali - 1826 1-20
  1825 22-65   esercizi di pietà 113-199   esercizi spirituali - 1828 24-64
  1826 66-100   esercizi di pietà 200-274   esercizi spirituali - 1829 65-121
  1826 101-127   regole di vita cristiana 275-346   esercizi spirituali - 1830 122-166
  1827 128-168   regole di vita cristina 347-425   esercizi spirituali - 1832 167-218
  1827 169-200   pratiche divote 427-476   ritiri mensili 219-236
  1827 201-229   pratiche divote 477-584   note pensieri di superbia 237-457
  1828 230-286   indice delle materie 585-591   note metodo di vita 459-623
  1828 287-326   indice generale 593-602   pratiche vita perfetta 625-668
  1829 327-384         pratiche vita perfetta 670-688
  1829 385-429         voti e oblazioni 689-741
  1830 430-485         appendice 742-758
  1831 486-534         indice parte prima 759-767
  1832 535-575         indice parte seconda 767-768
  1833 576-582            
  Senza data 583-662            

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