Following upon the interest aroused by the proposal of solidarity for Advent,
we are still drawing your attention and your collaboration
for the benefit of those in need. THANK YOU!
In this Advent Time, in which we are expected to intensify our longing for the coming of the Lord and to welcome him in our midst, I invite you to remember in your prayer all situations of violence, intolerance and suffering in the world, that the coming of Jesus may bring joy, reconciliation and peace ... May our prayer to the Lord, and human solidarity, bring hope to those in distress".

(Benedect XVI, 5 December 2010)

In accordance with the Pope's appeal, we should like to present to you a few projects undertaken by our Sisters, to deal with situations of urgent need of help.

“Bartolomea Hostel”, thought out by the Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa, is a house run on a self-managing system with the aim of giving young girls coming from families in great need the opportunity to finish their studies in a simple, home atmosphere. It can accomodate six girls at the most.
Through the daily presence of a Sister and the support of the whole religious community residing close by, efforts are made to ensure a Christian formation in view of a healthy development of the whole person.
Given their background, the girls need financial help to meet demands of regular study and good living conditions.
Saint Bartolomea used to say, “If I come to know of a real need, but I myself cannot meet it, I will not be ashamed to beg for them and by all means try to help them”.
We too dare to ask for help, well aware that these are times of need for everyone, and many cannot help us as much as they would have liked to. Above all we ask the support of your prayer.
However, for those who CAN help in a material way, we are here giving some information on expenses you may like to meet fully or in part:
  Lodging (water, electricity, gas, internet) 60.00 Euros per month
  food 60.00 Euros per month

In the situation of extreme poverty in which Zimbabwe finds itself, our Sisters have undertaken to provide for a considerable number of orphan children: they find for them a welcoming home among the people but they have to support the adopting family financially. The community is therefore presenting this project, to which you are invited to collaborate even if in a small amount. At present there are 56 families catered for, and the Sisters are committed to distribute to each family:
  polenta flour: 60 Kg 20,00 Euros    
  beans: 5 Kg 7,45      
  oil: 2 litres 2,25      
  sugar: 2 Kg 2,25      
  soap: 1 bar 0,75      
  Total amount spent for family 32,70 Euros   1.831,20 for the 56 families
  Total sum a year for family 392,40 Euros   21.974,40 for the 56 families

In the situation of extreme poverty in which Zimbabwe finds itself, our Sisters are doing their best to ensure regular attendance of children at school: Nursery and Primary and , where possible till High School – fort as many children as they can afford to keep, with the support of our benefactors.

School attendance is burdened with ever heavier expenses (see Table below) and the school uniform, which we think we could do without, is compulsory for admission in schools in these Countries (Africa, Asia).

The uniform comprises several outfits: for winter, for summer, for PhysicaSchool feel Education, etc. For Year 2010/2011the Sisters have been able to defray expenses for the schooling of 32 children (boys and girls). For Year 2011/2012 starting in September, the cost amounts to 7000 Euros.

  Nursery School     160,00   Euros  
  Annual school fee 115,00        
  Primary School     210,00   Euros
  Annual school fee 115,00        
  School uniform 60,00        
  Textbooks 35,00        
  High School     315,00   Euros
  Annual School fee 165,00        
  School uniform 90,00        
  Textbooks 60,00          


At an altitude of 3000 metres, among the Andes of Peru, in the inhabited centre of Pomabamba, there lives a community of four Sisters of Maria Bambina (two from Italy and two from Peru). They are a sure point of reference for the poor families around them.

Their work is mainly school education, and also pastoral care. One Sister teaches at the Primary School, and in the Convent itself Needlework is taught. One of the two Italian Sisters is mostly concerned with visiting of families, where she comes in touch with the poverty of many of them and therefore in dire need of financial aid.

The community tries to meet this need through the Sponsorship Programme, but this method is not sufficient: in fact, the average annual cost for the maintenance of a child is about 600-700 $ a year: equivalent to 450 - 520 Euros, much higher than the amount for adoption by the sponsorship programme in other Countries.

A typical situation crying for help is that of a woman abandoned by her husband (or by the father of her child) and has to bring up her children on her own.
Or else a situation where the father of a family cannot find a job, and faces a bleak future.
To help in such situations where the Sponsorship Programme cannot cover the expenses, there has been created the "Family Fund" which is supported by free aid from benefactors.

Any amount however small is most welcome because all contributions put together can be of human and Christian solidarity to persons who have so little to live upon (and survive).



In Thailand, bordering on Myanmar, we have two communities of Sisters of Maria Bambina. The foundation had followed upon Gen. Ne Win’s coup d’ètat in 1966 and the consequent expulsion of all foreign missionaries who had entered the Country after 1948.
 A small group of Sisters of ours settled at Chieng Rai, Thailand, at a point on the Myanmar border, so as to be as close as possible to the Burmese Sisters who were completely cut off from the Congregation and with no means of sustenance.
That was the origin of the two communities of Thailand, which today comprise 14 Sisters with different nationalities: three Italian, three  Indian, two Burmese and six Thailandese.
The two communities are those of Sri Vicien and Wiang Papao.
Sri Vicien Community collaborates with the Camillian Fathers in pastoral care and healthcare, besides running a students’ hostel and a Centre for the physically challenged.
At Wiang Papao the Sisters run a School complex: from a Nursery School to High School, besides a Students’ Boarding House and a Tailoring Centre.
 It is almost incredible how six sisters in one place and eight in another can manage institutions and Centres of such magnitude, but the whole system is different from ours, and so too is their close, practical collaboration with lay personnel.

In June-July 2012 an off-shoot of  Sri Vicien opened a small Nursery School in “Maria Bambina Village” so called because it is dedicated to Maria Bambina. It is 12 km away from Sri Vicien, and caters to  25 children aged two to five years, belonging to the Akha ethnic group.
The families are extremely poor; the children’s parents  live on day-io-day wages for work in fields.
The Village has 84 Catholic families and a few families of other Christian denominations.
Their children are brought to school in a Private Bus costing them 300 baht a month ( = 7.50 Euros).
The daily wage for work in the fields as farmers is 200 baht (5.00 Euros) that is, about 120 Euros a month as against 375 Euros a month salary of a teacher at the Government School.
To support the families and enable the little ones to start their schooling at the nursery school, the Sisters have asked our Missions Office to accept almost all of them on the Sponsorship Programme and they have sent their Application form for 14 little girls and 8 little boys, with dates of birth ranging from Year 2007 to Year 2010.
Taking it for granted that the application is accepted on our part, there is the problem of how to cover the shortage since the annual amount in vigour for adoption by sponsorship is of 240-250 Euros, whereas the amount absolutely necessary to cover expenses incurred for each child in Thailand is of 300 Euros a year.
For this reason our Missions Office, proposes that the 22 children should enjoy the benefit of adoption by sponsorship, at the rate in vigour, and at the same time hopefully make up for the shortage with aid from free contributions  towards the Maria Bambina Village Project.
It is to be kept in mind that, considering the urgent need for the help requested, the Office has already provided to anticipate the whole amount of  6000 Euros.

Thank you very much.                                    

  For further information contact the address below:

Contributions are made according to the following instructions:
Conto Corrente Postale (CCP) n. 580 25 206
Missioni Suore di Maria Bambina – via Santa Sofia, 13 – 20122 Milano

Conto Corrente Bancario presso la Banca Popolare di Sondrio, ag.22 di Milano
IBAN IT80 J056 9601 6210 0000 7010X81
Suore di Carità SS.Capitanio e Gerosa – via Santa Sofia, 13 – 20122 Milano

(Please indicate fully the destination and purpose of contribution made)

Thank You!



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